Track Listing


1.    I Want To Sleep With You by Eleanor Rigby

2.    Till The End Of The Day by Eleanor Rigby

3.    Take Another Shot Of My heart  by Eleanor Rigby

4.    1995 by Eleanor Rigby

5.    Where Have All The Good Times Gone (live) by Eleanor Rigby

6.    Mad Xmas by Eleanor Rigby

7.    Kiss Me Quickly It's Christmas by Eleanor Rigby

8.    Make Up Your Mind by The Reaction

9.    4 X 4 By the Reaction

10.  Over and Over by Eleanor Rigby

11.  Last Night In Soho (Sleaze mix) by Eleanor Rigby

12.  See My Friend (12 inch mix)by Eleanor Rigby

13.  The Honeydripper by A Beatboy

14.  Please Please by A Beatboy

15.  Think For Yourself by Eleanor Rigby

16.  Love On The Phone by Eleanor Rigby

17.  Airport Blues by A Beatboy

18.  The Man From Uncle by The Grave

19.  Teenage Sex by the Psychomatics

20.  Gotta Move by the Psychomatics

21.  1995 by the Psychomatics

22.  Censorship (unreleased acoustic version) by Eleanor Rigby .




Waterloo Sunset was a small indie label from the 80's well known to fans of Mod music. Cult Mod artist Eleanor Rigby’s original releases came out on the Waterloo Sunset Label and not only has she become very collectable but so has the label which released mainly vinyl format at a time when vinyl records were rapidly being supplanted by CD.  The label remained faithful to both fans and professionals who liked to have and to hold vinyl and who preferred the warmer sound of vinyl over the more clinical sound of the compact disc.


Waterloo Sunsets total output was six 7” singles, three vinyl LPs and one cassette album. We have now combined the best of these tracks with further unreleased material and mixes to create this album.


What makes this album particularly worthwhile is (a) it contains a value for money 22 tracks (b) it contains an exclusive unreleased Eleanor Rigby track - the acoustic version of the title track of her album Censorship and (c) a rare live track of Where Have All The Good Times Gone, a 12” full version of See my Friend & an alternative sleaze mix of her single Last Night In Soho. This album was made especially for fans of the label and of Eleanor. It really is a must buy.


The only two other 7” singles  that were released on the Waterloo Sunset label were Make Up Your Mind by The Reaction and The Honeydripper by A Beatboy. These are very collectable and sought after. This album is the best way to hear these tracks as the 7” singles are very hard to get hold of.


Another singer took Eleanor's place for concerts when Eleanor fell ill one time. This line up of the Eleanor Rigby band changed their name to the ‘Psychomatics’. They recorded tracks on Waterloo Sunset Records that were ultimately never released (due to difficulties unrelated to the band) - but they were so good we couldn't leave them off this album. Check out their pacy versions of Teenage Sex, Gotta Move and 1995.


Finally the 12 page CD booklet contains exclusive rare photos, the interesting story of the label and a collectors price guide.


This album is not available as a download, We have the very last copy ever left for £25 (inc P&P)

The Waterloo Sunset Story

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