The Babysitars

The heyday of great pop songs and quirky British bands plying their trade at well know pub venues provided us with some all time greats from Dr Feelgood to Elvis Costello, including many more who featured particularly on Stiff records. Other acts around the time were called New Wave. There has been a big reawakening in this music style due to recent film releases about Ian Dury and Dr Feelgood.


Many of todays acts are discovering this great legacy and are inspired to put out music in a similar vein. Babysitars main man Stuart Freed is one such person. He has put together a superb album My Two Minds are 8 Miles High that could sit very easily amongst the great albums by some of those mentioned. Add a splash of Clash with his Mick Jones style vocal and you know what to expect.


As an extra bonus Stuart is head of the Joe Meek Appreciation Society. For those who don’t know Joe is acknowledged by many to be the great record producer of all time and has a big cult following. So much so both a play and the feature film Telstar were made about him starring Kevin Spacey, James Corden, Carl Barrett and many more.


The first single from this album will be Meet Joe Meek/Crazyhead that will have Meek fans out in force to buy it. The album has 7 other very strong tracks and it will be available at an affordable mid price as a download album initially, which may be followed up by a CD version.


The Babysitars will be doing some gigs to promote the album so watch out for their first gig which will be coming soon. Magazine interviews are currently underway to raise profile. This will also be backed up by promo videos. A great set of photos have just been taken by award winning photographer Russell C. Brennan and a few feature on this page.


Stuart worked on this album with Steve Crittall (UK Subs, Selecter, Miranda Sex Garden, Luxx) and US producer Julian Standen (Lemonheads Mrs. Robinson and Siouxsie and the Banshees Cities In Dust, and Cast, the latter producing an EP recorded at the famous Brittannia Row Studios in Islington, North London.)


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Please click on iTunes button to download this album.

Below you can hear 4 of the 8 excellent tracks from The Babysitars new album including the new single Meet Joe Meek


The album is available on download from iTunes and many other download sites worldwide.

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