That Instrumental Vibe

In years gone by instrumental tracks were big business and among some of the best selling tracks of all time,  eg worldwide number ones like Telstar by The Tornadoes and Apache by The Shadows. It’s no surprise these sold so many worldwide because an instrumental can capture the imagination and the emotions of anyone and has no language barrier.


What most people don’t realise is there is still a big market out there for instrumental music. No one demonstrates this quite like Ennio Morricone who is well known for his amazing Spaghetti Western scores, quite apart from his many other soundtracks and compositions. Morricone won two Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes, five Anthony Asquith Awards for Film Music by BAFTA in 1979–1992 and the Polar Music Prize in 2010. His instrumental music is just about everywhere. His score for Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West is one of the top 5 best-selling original instrumental scores in the world today, with up to 10 million copies sold. He still sells millions.

At Fuure Legend Records we discovered just how popular instrumental music was. Our versions of Morricone's Come Madalenna and For a Few Dollars More are incredibly popular with our fans.


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It has often been said that FLR’s Box Office Poison tracks sounded equally as good as instrumentals. Some of their tracks have been likened to Ennio Morricone’s music, so it’s no surprise there was a demand for their instrumentals. The band takes up a fair bit of That Instrumental Vibe but many other exclusive gems are found on this 20 track compilation, including the last track Ministry of Ska released, Ska Surfin at 5-0. Also there are several Bond theme instrumentals. These really show off composer John Barry’s superb talent as well as that of our artists who interpreted the themes in their own new and vibrant ways.

The album is produced by Russell C. Writer, a huge instrumental, soundtrack and themes fan. At times Russell has been called the new Joe Meek because of his unusual attitude towards making music. Russell was recently listed in the top 20 most innovative record producers, so you can expect something a little bit different and a little bit special on this album.


With good music always required for public licensing, TV and advertising we expect That Instrumental Vibe to do well for many years to come.



1.   Popcorn by Box Office Poison

2.   Mysteries by Box Office Poison

3.   The Legend of Xanadu by Box Office Poison

4.   Teenage Sex by Box Office Poison

5.   Alien by Box Office Poison

6.   General Vibe by Box Office Poison

7.   Lady Grinning Soul by Box Office Poison

8.   Louie Louie by Box Office Poison

9.   Sex on the Internet by Box Office Poison

10. From Russia with Love by Box Office Poison

11. Nobody Does It Better by Box Office Poison

12. 1995 by Box Office Poison

13. Ska Surfin at 5-0 By Ministry of Ska

14. 5:15 (Quadrophenia) by The Incredibly Strange Film Band

15. Just Like Eddie by Pinups

16. Live and Let Die by The Honeycombs

17. The Protectors Theme By The FLR Allstars

18. Seventh Wonder by FLR Allstars

19. Moonraker by Joan Martin & Russell Writer

20. Think for Yourself by Box Office Poison

badgeitunes61x15dark Bongos Cello Harpsichord Saxaphone Sitar koto Maracas trumpet2 Left_Handed_Guitar violin-tall castanets2 bocote-cedar-guitar-curves

The early 60’s was a golden period for instrumentals but the 70’s and 80’s had equally memorable hits like  Popcorn, Eye Level (Van der Valk Theme), Morricone's Chi Mai (Le Professionnel Theme), Axel F, Breezin’, Hocus Pocus, Chariots of Fire and many many others.

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