When the two female singers with Box Office Poison left the band before an upcoming live TV performance she offered to step in and help out, quickly learning the songs required. She finally made her B.O.P. debut on the single Teenage Sex in 1997. The same year she made her solo debut on Themes from the 60's Vol. 3 with Bond theme From Russia With Love and supplied a further Bond theme Nobody Does It Better on Cult Themes from the 70's Vol 1  later in the year. (see Cult Themes Page for track listings)

As joint lead vocalist on Box Office Poison's second album Heavy Breathing Decade  she worked alongside new singer Misty Woods. Two versions of many of these tracks were made, each with a different lead vocalist. Misty and Mouse shared in the backing vocals using their different distinctive styles.


Have a listen to some of her tracks in the jukebox below. Take Me Up To Heaven And Back is a song with attitude and shows another side to this artist.

docmartens decade

1997 was a busy year for Mouse. Alongside bands such as The Untouchables and The Lambrettas she contributed a cover of the Small Faces track Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It? to the Doc Marten's British artist album Generation to Generation. (The track is now on her solo album Mirror Image)

Mouse released a debut solo album Mirror Image in 1999 on Future Legend Records.  This was a limited edition  of all her vocal work featuring  several previously unreleased versions and an original track Sex and Love written by her in collaboration with Russell. Mirror Image is available on download from iTunes and Amazon as well as a number of other download sites worldwide.

Xanadu2 60s Vol 3

Track Listing: Mirror Image

1.   Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It?

2.   From Russia With Love

3.   Louie Louie

4.   Nobody Does It Better (Cockney Mix)

5.   16 Year Old

6.   Come With Me (Alternative Vocal)

7.   Don't Sleep With Him

8.   All the Young Girls Love Alice

9.   For The Video (Demo Version)

10. Take Me Up To Heaven And Back

11. Legend Of Xanadu (Alternative version)

12. Sex And Love

13. Strip Show

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Mouse was lead singer with Box Office Poison from 1996-1998.  But Mouse was not only a singer, she was also a scientist and artist. A talented designer and photographer, she had a leading role in the record labels artwork, band photography, make up and clothing. Her input was essential for the proofreading, editing and DTP of the many newsletters, fanzines and articles written by Russell over the years. Mouse was involved in the design and DTP of record sleeves, CD, cassette sleeves and booklets for many of the record company releases. She helped to keep it afloat in times of  trouble and was a sounding board for Russell's ideas and music, giving honest input whenever it was needed.

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Mousehead8 mirrormouse themes 70 vol 1

Mouse left the band eventually and Misty took over as lead singer.  Her last vocal performance for Box Office Poison was on the limited edition single The Legend Of Xanadu where she sang lead. Although the CD single has sold out it's still available on download from iTunes.

Mouse has continued to support the Future Legend label and eventually took over ownership. She is still involved in design and editing and alongside Russell has played a major part in building this website.

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