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In mid-2008, Misty co-wrote film scores with Psychobilly electrotrashers The Nitewreckers (a band featuring Dave Ball) for major Hollywood film company Universal and recorded a track with The Nitewreckers for the forthcoming Hollywood film Letters.


Her latest release on FLR is The Best of Misty Woods download album which contains all 21 of her tracks, including previously unreleased material.

In 2006, Misty joined with The Grid members Richard Norris and Dave Ball (of Soft Cell fame) to form Misty Woods & GDM. They did not release any recorded material, but played a number of major shows, most notably an appearance at the 2006 Whitby Gothic Weekend. Misty also guested with mod band The Times (Ed Ball) in live gigs around this time.

Misty Woods

FLR's previous head honcho Russell who is notorious for discovering great female talent met this unique talent during a chance meeting in Camden, London and signed her up to Future Legend in late 1996.  Misty Woods as she became known had good looks, star quality, songwriting ability and a great voice to match. She was destined to make a big dent in the world of music.

Fortunately for FLR she had been a fan of the label and found Eleanor Rigby an inspiration as a singer. This led to Misty not only covering a track written for Eleanor but never recorded: Wallpaper Man, but also to write a song of her own - Mod Boy.  Both of these were released (FLR 1997) as part of an Eleanor Rigby EP that featured two tracks by Eleanor: Love on The Phone and Play with Fire.

Misty got to hear Russell's band Box Office Poison's material at a time when the previous two singers Debbie Detroit and Jo Sharp had left. With an upcoming live TV performance due and no singer, Mouse had filled the breach as vocalist. Misty had been looking for something innovative and exciting to be involved in for quite a while and felt this music was perfect for her. Russell arranged recording sessions for the upcoming album Heavy Breathing Decade and Mouse and Misty worked together to cover all the tracks.

By the end of 1997 people were talking of Misty as being in the same league as Eleanor Rigby. Mouse stepped out of the band around this time and Misty took over as lead singer. 1998 was a less hectic year but nevertheless an important one for Misty and BOP as it saw the release of BOP's controversial second album Heavy Breathing Decade where Misty sung lead on 9 of the 15 tracks. This album contained some of Misty's finest vocals. The breathless I Want You All The Time & Don’t Sleep With Him are stand out tracks. However 1998 turned out to be a bit of an anti climax for the album after some management problems that prevented the band from releasing the singles to promote it.

2001 saw her final recordings on FLR with This is not America (Misty solo), Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and Blade Runner (BOP) for the Cult Themes from the 80's album. This album also featured her singing on bonus track Pop Noir's cover of Alien from BOP's first album Beyond the Twilight Zone. Late 2001 saw Misty perform live with Russell for the last time as Box Office Poison, headlining the Cult Themes From the 80's launch concert at The Subterranea in Notting Hill, London, alongside, amongst others, Once More Into The Bleach, Phosphoric, A Girl Called Max, and The Incredibly Strange Film Band. This was also the on stage debut of Misty's new band The Ju Ju Babies.

BOP released two singles in 1997 and two tracks on Cult Themes from the Seventies Vol. 1. Misty quickly became the best exponent of the trade mark atmospheric backing vocals pioneered on the first BOP album. These are heard to good effect on the themes The Persuaders and The Chase. On BOP single Think For Yourself/Lady Grinning Soul she was lead vocalist and she was lead on the track Alien from the double A-side single Teenage Sex/Alien which was also released that year. (Mouse's previously recorded vocals remained on Teenage Sex)

Her contract to FLR having expired and Misty keen to expand her horizons, in 2004 The Ju Ju Babies became an in-house band in Ibiza performing their brand of electrotrash at Manumission club night at Privilege, the world's largest nightclub @ 10,000 capacity. They were also the first band to perform at Ibiza Rocks, which they did for a period of 4 months in 2004. Following the Manumission residency, the Ju Ju Babies split, but Woods continued to perform at the club night. The band released a single four-track EP Electrotrash on punk label No Head Required, 2003.

Misty then collaborated with "The God of Hellfire" himself Arthur Brown, covering All Living Fear tracks Widow's Blame and What If? for the All Living Fear double compilation album Fifteen Years After (Dangernoise Nov 2007).  A track Head Surfing, a collaboration between Misty and Warboy was included on Some Bizarre Record label's The Only Failure Is To Cease To Try 2008 double album, a mix of new and upcoming electronic music.

There seemed to be major artistic chemistry at work when Russell & Misty worked together and although there have been a number of people pass through the BOP ranks the Russell/Misty combination defines what BOP and the Pop Noir genre of music is all about. It was probably the most definitive BOP line up.  1999 saw Misty and Russell at their creative best when recording tracks for Cult Themes from the 70’s Vol. 2.  BOP contributed to Cult Themes from the 70's Vol 2 with a sexy, raunchy version of The Deep sung by Misty. Their version of the Persuaders theme & Maddalena defined the Pop Noir music sound and feel.

Misty had contributed the track 5-15 for Cult Themes from the 70's Vol. 1 . Once the famous footwear company Doc Martens heard the track they liked it and wanted it on their record labels debut CD release Generation to Generation. They also liked BOP and Russell's  style and asked him to produce Generation  to Generation as well.  After hear the B.O.P version of Louie Louie, which was later voted best version ever of this classic song by Radio XFM listeners, theywanted to sign B.O.P directly but financial problems at D.M meant the label was later scrapped. B.O.P stayed with FLR, having their most high profile year.

JU JU babies molotova

Ju Ju Babies performing at Manumission

Also during that time Woods worked with Ed Ball, former guitarist, singer and founding member of the Television Personalities and The Times. The collaboration resulted in an album release, Pirate Playlist 66 (Creation, 1999).

After Molotova split up Misty joined up with London-based DJ Stix to form the electrotrash band The Ju Ju Babies.

During 1999 Misty formed a short lived new band called Molotova with keyboard player Yannick Muet (aka Yan Des Astres).  Molotova released a single album, Warm Up, and a mini EP Don't Let The Mind Man Come in 1999, and played live in 2000 at the In The City festival.

Individually their fingerprints were all over this album. Russell produced the album. Misty did a great rendition of the Kinks masterpiece The Way Love Used To Be (taken from the film Percy). Not only did Kinks fans love it but the press said that this track was like a lost Kate Bush classic and an outstanding track amongst many on this release.

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Purchase the Misty Woods Wallpaper Man/Mod Boy CD EP (with two bonus tracks from Eleanor Rigby) for only

£5.00 (UK) or £7.00 (Outside UK)  

At this time Misty had formed another band, Digital Lemon, and their version of A Clockwork Orange for the Cult Themes album was an electronic masterpiece, helping to kick start the new Electronica movement that she was later to play a major part in.

For Misty's work on the FLR label check out the Heavy Breathing Decade album, Think For Yourself/Lady Grinning Soul & Alien EP Singles and The Cult Themes from The 70's & 80's albums as these were  predominantly the Russell & Misty combination in Box Office Poison.


itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-best-of-misty-woods/id574209675 cartoon cover 1b

1.  Wallpaper Man by Misty Woods

2.  Mod Boy by Misty Woods

3.  The way love used to be by Misty Woods

4.  5-15 by Misty Woods

5.  This is not America by Misty Woods

6.  Clockwork Orange by Misty Woods & Digital Lemon

7.  The Deep by Box Office Poison

8.  Come with me by Box Office Poison

9.  I want to sleep with you by Box Office Poison

10. I want you all the time by Box Office Poison

11. All I want's a Baby by Box Office Poison

12. Don’t sleep with him by Box Office Poison

13. All the young girls love Alice by Box Office Poison

14. Louie Louie by Box Office Poison

15. Think For Yourself by Box Office Poison

16. Lady Grinning Soul by Box Office Poison

17. Alien by Box Office Poison

18. Take me up to Heaven and back by Box Office Poison  (unreleased version)

19. Strip Show by Box Office Poison  (unreleased version)

20. Making love to the general vibe by Box Office Poison  (unreleased version)

21. Sex on The Internet by Misty Woods & Russell C. Brennan (unreleased version)

The Best of Misty Woods

A must have album of all Misty's FLR tracks, including 4 previously unreleased songs!