FLR News 2019

After celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2018 we revealed how proud we were of our achievements, so we decided to go up a level and make just as big an impression over the next 25 years! So you can expect a lot of exciting developments in 2019.


The year started off with Comment Dors-Tu? (How do you sleep?), a low key Jazz Noir single in the French language from Psykick Holiday. PH always keeps things fresh and unexpected and after the popularity of their French singer Maiko on the band’s French version single San Francisco it was clearly time for her to have another opportunity to sing in her native tongue.


We recently released The Andersons Are Go! (A tribute to Gerry & Sylvia Anderson) album and it is proving to be popular with the fans of their many amazing marionation and animated TV series.  Our album The Themes Bond…James Bond was created when Bond fans asked for all the Bond themes that featured on our famous cult themes albums to be put on one album. So we decided to make fans of Gerry Anderson shows like Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet etc happy by putting all those covers on one album too. The Andersons Are Go! is downloadable from iTunes and other good download sites.


FLR have continued to make new releases every year and some of these have had an impact in the wider social world. The Elton John track All the Young Girls Love Alice was previously covered by Box Office Poison on the 1998 Heavy Breathing Decade album (with Misty as lead vocalist) and by Mouse on her Mirror Image solo album in 1999. Although both versions were well-liked, the version of All the Young Girls Love Alice by Mouse became a lesbian anthem and was released by FLR as a single in early 2019, with sleeve art also by Mouse.


Box Office Poison seems to be getting a second wind with their output becoming more popular with fans worldwide. They have now made a video for what we think is a much neglected single, their cover of Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich’s classic The Legend of Xanadu (featuring Mouse on lead vocal and Russell doing the spoken word bridge).


It is rumoured that BOP’s Backstreet Boulevard from their debut album Beyond The Twilight Zone (a track about the homeless and down-and-outs) is about to be covered by one of the world’s leading pop stars so watch this space! It has also been adopted by the homeless charity Titus House.


Psykick Holiday have made an impact lately with their single One Way Ticket to the Moon reaching the top 20 in the US Indie charts. Their environmental song Don't Shut Your Mouth has been very much to the fore as well. We wouldn't be surprised to see it adopted as an anthem for Climate Emergency. Another issue highlighted on PH’s debut album Forever Pop Noir is age prejudice as mentioned in the excellent ‘don’t pigeon-hole me’ track Numbers which came out as a single recently.


Despite a preference for using female singers to record his songs and a reluctance to sing himself, Psykick Holiday’s main man Russell’s whispery vocal style was pioneered on BOP's single Mysteries in 1994. In 1999 he recorded his first solo track in this style on a cover of Love Affair’s classic track A Day Without Love (with backing vocals by Mouse), but the song was never released. This kind of vocal has since been termed ASMR: a pleasurable scalp and back of the neck tingling sensation engendered by whispering and other similar stimuli.  This type of singing has been used on several number one hits recently so we felt the time was right and A Day Without Love by Russell C. Brennan & Mouse has been released as a single on download.


Our newest signing to FLR is Dave Mayberry (actor, singer and west end musical star). Dave released his concert album Harlequin and Perriot (a Musical Tale) in 2018 on the Showbiz Records label, licensed by FLR. Russell has created a long form video for the album which makes its TV debut this year.


Talking of musicals Vanessa White Smith (who starred as Martha Reeves in Motown the Musical) did some brilliant vocals on Psykick Holiday’s 2017 tribute to the peace & love movement single San Francisco/Let's Go to San Francisco and the Summer of Love EP featuring the French and Spanish versions. Definitely worth checking out.




We’re looking forward to an exciting 2019 at FLR and are aiming to release a single each month this year. The big news is there will be a new album of Cult TV and Film theme covers coming out. This is a trend that FLR started and launched the label with back in 1993. Cover versions of cult TV & film themes to help break new artists or revive the career of hit artists who have been out of the public eye for a while. FLR has previously released six highly rated albums featuring 60s, 70s & 80's cult themes (see themes page for full info). All produced and arranged by Russell, cumulating in a nomination for UK Record Producer of the Year 2002. After that Russell said he didn’t want to do another cult themes album and concentrated on photography, art, film and novel writing for the following years. Recently a combination of great new talent approaching him and his desire to return to producing means there is a new cult themes album being recorded, with September 2019 pencilled in as the release date.


To whet your appetite here are a few names associated with the new album; Glenda Collins, Ray Davies, Adam Faith, John Barry, David Bowie, Lalo Schiffrin, Ennio Morricone, Game of Thrones, James Bond, Gerry Anderson, Barry Gray, Doll Squad. It may sound like a bit of a riddle with some of these people not being with us anymore but hard core Cult Themes fans will know what it means. This will be a limited edition in keeping with the label’s ethos so please ask to be put on the mailing list to be the first to get a copy the new album.


The other big news is that a second Psykick Holiday album is due to be coming out soon. Their last offering was the debut album Forever Pop Noir and a new single from that album, which coincidently is another ASMR type track (recorded before it became trendy), is due to be released in June 2019. Their new album is being written and recorded right now and hopefully will be released this year or early next year at the latest. The other big news is the band will likely play at Glastonbury 2020 to promote it; however they also hope to play some low key smaller gigs this year. The pop noir specialists who feature Russell as their main driving force have always had a fluid line up to take advantage of the talents of collaborative artists, so it will be interesting to see who will be up on stage. But whoever is performing you can expect some ASMR vibes. Psykick Holiday gigs are as rare as dragon’s teeth so if you are keen to attend drop us a line and we’ll keep you in the loop.


We’ve heard that a special anniversary deluxe edition of Mouse’s solo album Mirror Image may be in the wings too so watch this space.




Our sister company December Books have released a number of books over the last few years many of which would be of interest to FLR fans because of the music related content. Please check out our new Book page on the top menu bar for further details.


Pop quiz book Memories are Made of This (The Ultimate Retro Pop Quiz) 50's to 90's will be of interest to all music lovers and especially those into cult themes.


Music Business Bastards (How to do well in the music business without getting ripped off) is a must buy for any budding musician or singer and for anyone who wants to know how the music business works, as written by someone who has worked both on the inside and the outside of the profession.


The novel Over and Over is set in the music industry and is a pulp noir revenge story.


Last but not least if you like a combination of adventure & music why not check out Adventures of a Dark Duke: The Pin (it could blow your mind).




We haven’t mentioned everyone on the label yet. What about the other acts heavily associated with FLR?


Apart from her past work with Box Office Poison Misty Woods also has the well-loved tracks Wallpaper Man & 5:15 out on CD and download. Rumour has it she might be about to return to music and a cult theme may be her first port of call. We do hope that comes to fruition as we have all missed her innovative attitude and distinctive vocals.


The artist Glenda Collins formerly of Joe Meek’s stable has recorded a cult themes track for us and has been working on another Joe Meek related project which is to be released through FLR later in the year.  


Ministry of Ska are rumoured to be working on new material to release in 2020.


Of course FLR’s biggest act the mod phenomenon Eleanor Rigby still reigns supreme as a cult artist of some significance. Nearly all her physical releases have now sold out except The Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol. 1 on CD and a few 7” singles. We are delighted that download sales of ER have grown in popularity as a newer, younger generation discover her talents.  A re-issue of her classic album Censorship sold out within a week. There are some limited edition ER canvases due out very soon and one hidden mystery item connected with her can be found on this website but you will have to be a bit of a detective to find it.


We haven't been updating this website much recently as 2018 proved to be a quieter time for the label, but this year we will try and do news updates every month so please bookmark us and check back or ask to be put on the mailing list for updates by dropping an email to the address below.


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