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The Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol. 1 album on vinyl was snapped up and deleted a week after its 1994 release. The Oriignal CD version sold consistently but was deleted and new version came out to mark its 20th anniversay as you will have read.

Her legendary debut single I Want To Sleep With You was released in 1985 and came complete with free condom. This caused quite a stir and although the record was subsequently banned (mainly for the title and the free condom), it went on to become a single that every Mod had to have in their collection. With the video and concerts also banned shortly afterwards it was like the Sex Pistols all over again. More singles followed. Take Another Shot Of My Heart, Mad Xmas and the classic 60s style Over and Over which one journalist described as the best single Ray Davies never wrote.

After further controversial press where Eleanor turned down half a million pounds to pose nude for a Japanese porn magazine, she released her one and only album Censorship which came complete with a very tasteful nude poster, more reminiscent of Marilyn Munroe's calendar shots than a Madonna's full frontals. This vinyl release currently changes hands for up to £50 on the collectors market and is often described as a Mod classic that sits nicely next to classic 60s or 90s Britpop albums.

Three years after her splash onto the world of pop she was selling out 3,000 capacity venues and being courted by a number of major record companies, some offering serious money. But with the world at her feet she suddenly resigned and disappeared. Nobody really knows why, or where she went.

Described as a cross between The Kinks, Blondie and The Jam at their best on her arrival on the pop scene in 1985, she has influenced many of today's female singers. When Britpop appeared in the mid 90's she was regularly name checked by many of the major Britpop artists of the time. She was ahead of the game, but if you want to catch up with her career and to find out the full story then read on...


Eleanor's career was short yet controversial and mysterious and this, along with the quality and limited quantity of her releases has led to her becoming a cult figure on the collector's market. Her total original output was only 4 singles and the album Censorship, which now changes hands for big money.

Due to a mini Mod revival and the Britpop scene later Eleanor started to get the recognition she deserved, which led to the release on Future Legend Records of two 'Best of' albums which contained all of her previous work. Just prior to these albums a single that she had recorded for the Themes from the 60's Vol 1 album, You Only Live Twice was released. It was a beautiful cover of this classy Bond theme. Even though she was no longer around to promote it, the single went to number one in Italy and gained lots of airplay in the UK.

You can view the You Only Live Twice video to the right.

When an artist dies or disappears this is one reason they reach cult status and this seems to be where Eleanor is currently lodged in the scheme of things. She could have been the Queen of Britpop had she only stuck it out. Why she disappeared is still a mystery.

However there was a foote. She went on to inflence a host of Britppp acts including Blur, Oasis, St Etienne, Sleep and many others.

Eleanor Rigby - Censorship - 1999

eleanor rigby - Censorship

erbridge ERCensorLabel

The Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol. 2 came out on CD and vinyl picture disc formats. (now Sold out) This album featured a collaboration with late great Small Faces legend Steve Marriott. See discography for details and track listing. Mod icon Marriott died on 20 April 1991. He posthumously received an Ivor Novello Award in 1996 for his Outstanding Contribution to British Music and was listed in Mojo as one of the top 100 greatest singers of all time.

Only two 7" Eleanor Rigby singles remain available: Take Another Shot Of My Heart on the original Waterloo Sunset Label (this single is very collectable) and Love on the Phone/Play with Fire, her last ever 7" single,which also has a CD version.

Catch some special deals on all of her available Vinyl and CD releases below but please note The Waterloo Sunset Story CD is now sold out:

Limited Edition 20th Anniversary

Best Of Eleanor Rigby Vol 1 CD


1 I Want to Sleep With You

2. Take Another Shot of My Heart


4.Mad Xmas

5. Kiss Me Quickly Its Christmas

6.Over and Over

7. Last Night In Soho

8.See My Friends (edited version)

9. Love on The Phone

10.You Only Live Twice

11.Think For Yourself

12. Up The Juction

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