Eleanor Rigby Discography

CD Albums


1.    Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol. 1 (Sold out) FLR

2.   Themes From The 60’s Vol. 1 (Up the Junction/You Only Live Twice) (Sold Out) FLR

3.   The Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol. 2 (Sold out ON CD & vinyl: Download only) FLR

4.   The Waterloo Sunset Story (All her singles plus a rare acoustic Censorship)

(Sold Out) FLR

5.   Generation to Generation (Over and Over) (Sold Out) Dr. Martens Records

6.   39 Memorable Love Songs (You Only Live Twice) (Sold Out)  EMG records

7.   Censorship: Anniversary Ltd Edition (Sold Out) FLR

8.   Eleanor Rigby Live (Sold Out) FLR

9.   Millions Like Us: The Story of The Mod Revival (I Want to Sleep With You) (Sold out) Cherry Red Records

10.  The Best Of Eleanor Rigby Vol 1 (20th Anniversary Ltd Edition) (Available) FLR


7” & 12” Vinyl & Download Singles


1. I Want to Sleep With You/Till the End of the Day (Vinyl sold out:Available on Download) WS

2. Take Another Shot of my Heart/1995 (Available) WS

3. Kiss Me Quickly it's Christmas/Mad Xmas (Sold Out: download only) WS

4. Over and Over/Last Night in Soho (Sold out on vinyl : download only) WS

5. Over and Over/Last Night in Soho/See my Friend  12” (Sold Out) WS

6.    Love on the Phone/Play With Fire (Available) WS

7.    I'm Not Like Everybody Else /Up the Junction (Available on Download) FLR

8.    Think For Yourself (Available on Download)

9.    Five live EP (limited edition CD & download)      


CD & Cassette Singles


1.    You Only Live Twice (Sold Out) FLR

2.    Love On The Phone/Play with Fire (ER), Mod Boy/Wallpaper Man (Misty Woods). (Available) FLR



Vinyl Albums

1. Censorship (Sold Out on Vinyl: Download only) WS

2.    Cult Themes From The 60’s Vol.1 (Up The Junction/You Only Live Twice) (Sold Out on Vinyl; Downlod only) WS & FLR

3.    The Best of Eleanor Rigby (Sold Out) FLR

4.    The Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol. 2 Picture Disc (Sold Out) FLR


This page has details of all the different releases Eleanor has been on, including those on other record labels. It also tells you what label it was on and whether or not the release is still available.


WS = Waterloo Sunset Records,      FLR = Future Legend Records.

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