Download Chart

We now have over 250 tracks available to buy as downloads. Having said that we still advocate that you buy the CD or Vinyl where it exists. It's cheaper than downloads and you get a physical product which is much more satisfying.


1.   Rarin To Go by Ministry of Ska

2.   Mod Tunes: Three Button Legacy by Various Artists

3.   The Themes Bond ...James Bond by Various Artists

4.   Censorship by Eleanor Rigby

5.   My Two Minds Are 8 Miles High by The Babysitars

6.   Themes from the 60's Vo.1 by Various Artists

7.   Themes from the 60's Vol.2 by Various Artists

8.   Eleanor Rigby Live

9.   The Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol. 1 by Eleanor Rigby

10. Mirror Image by Mouse

However if you are regular buyer of downloads we thought you might like to know which albums and tracks are our best sellers, so we have compiled a chart of which albums are selling best as downloads. You can also hear the best selling top 20 tracks individually at iTunes and many other download sites.

 Here are a few tracks for you to listen to, to get a flavour of what is available.


Just click on the Play arrow to start the track of your choice.

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Please go to the relevant pagefor links to iTunes (or search your fav download site.)



Since CD and Vinyl of FLR releases still sell it's no surprise that the best selling FLR download tracks at present are mostly tracks that are on download only. We hope to make this a fun chart updated every month on what are the most popular individual tracks on the label according to download sales.


1.   A Vew To a Kill by Psykick Holiday

2.   Condoms by Ministry of Ska

3.   I Want To Sleep With You by Eleanor Rigby

4.   Think for Yourself by Box Office Poison

5.   Up the Junction by Eleanor Rigby

6.   Lady Grinning Soul by Box Office Poison

7.   Norman by Minstry of Ska

8.   Bladerunner by Box Office Poison

9.   You Only Live Twice by Eleanor Rigby

10. Teenage Sex by Box Office Poison

11. Nightmare on Elm Street by Box Office Poison

12. Agent-M by Psykick Holiday

13. All I Want's a Baby by Box Office Poison

14. Tell William We Said Cha by Ministry of Ska

15. The Munsters by Summer

16. Enter the Dragon by The Incredibly Strange Film Band

17. Louie Louie by Box Office Poison

18. Kiss Me Quickly It's Christmas by Eleanor Rigby

19. From Russia With Love by Mouse

20. Starsky & Hutch by The Lambrettas

20. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Box Office Poison