Cult Film and TV Themes


Themes From The 60's Vol 1


1.  The Avengers (The Grave)

2.  Sir With Love (Studio 68)

3.  On Her Majesty's Secret Service (The Editors)

4.  The Prisoner (Kitch/Box Office Poison)

5.  Man In A Suitcase (Ministry Of Defiance)

6.  Up The Junction (Eleanor Rigby)

7.  You Only Live Twice (Eleanor Rigby)

8.  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (The Grave)

9.  Mission Impossible (B.O.P./Ministry Of Defiance)

10. Stingray (C.B.U.)

11. The Addams Family (Perestroika)

12. Batman (Waterloo Sunset Allstars)


  Themes From The 60's Vol 2


1.  The Saint (Ministry Of Ska)

2.  Bad Bad Girl (Moonchild)

3.  Casino Royale (Adventures of Parsley)

4.  Joe 90 (Summer)

5.  Dr Who (Future Legend Allstars)

6.  The Ipcress File (Box Office Poison)

7.  The Munsters (Summer)

8.  Dangerman (Ministry Of Ska)

9.  Captain Scarlet (Adventures Of Parsley)

10. Barbarella (Earthling Scum)

11. Thunderball (Jo Sharp)

12. All Too Much (Box Office Poison)


Themes From The 60's Vol 3


1.  The Pink Panther (Ron Rage)

2.  Star Trek (The Federation)

3.  Department S. (Box Office Poison)

4.  From Russia With Love (Mouse)

5.  Georgy Girl (Meggido)

6.  Rawhide(Ministry Of Ska)

7.  For A Few Dollars More (Box Office Poison)

8.  Randall and Hopkirk (Future Legend Allstars)

9.  The Happening (Chelsea Monday)

10. Thunderbirds (Surfin' Dead)

11. Windmills Of Your Mind (Jo Sharp)

12. Self Preservation Society (Earthling Scum)

13. The Beverly Hillbillies (Surfin' Dead)

Cult Themes From The 70's Vol.1 


1.  U.F.O. (The Bruce Li Foundation)

2.  The Persuaders (Box Office Poison)

3.  Get Carter (The Incredibly Strange Film Band)

4.  Diamonds Are Forever (Lynus)

5.  The Sweeney (The Sweeney)

6.  Shaft (The L.S.F. Band featuring Misty)

7.  Superfly (Monkey)

8.  Starsky and Hutch (The Lambrettas)

9.  The Professionals (Earthling Scum)

10. Nobody Does It Better [The Spy Who Loved Me] (Mouse)

11. 5:15 [Quadraphenia] (Misty Woods)

12. Hawaii 5-0 (Ministry Of Ska)

13. The Chase [Midnight Express] (Box Office Poison)

Cult Themes From The 70's Vol.2


1.   Live And Let Die (The Honeycombs)

2.   Avenues and Alleyways [The Protectors] (Glenda Collins)

3.   Space 1999 (Ambassadors of Om)

4.   Streets of San Francisco (E.L.B.O.W.)

5.   Rockford Files (Illegal Immigrant)

6.   Moonraker (Joan Martin)

7.   The Adventurer (Uncle)

8.   The Deep (Box Office Poison)

9.   Enter the Dragon (Incredibly Strange Film Band)

10. The Way Love Used To Be [Percy] (Misty Woods)

11. The Man With the Golden Gun (Moneypenny)

12. Maddalena (Box Office Poison)

13. Dirty Harry/Magnum Force  (Incredibly Strange Film Band)

14. Assault on Precinct 13 (Uncle)

15. Clockwork Orange (Digital Lemon)

1.  Cat People (Phosphoric)

2.  When Doves Cry (Celebrate the Sun)

3.  Absolute Beginners (Once More Into The Bleach)

4.  For your Eyes Only (2oon)

5.  Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Box Office Poison)

6.  Call Me (Once More Into The Bleach)

7.  Pretty In Pink (Girl Called Max)

8.  Blues Brothers theme: Peter Gun (The Soul Detectives)

9.  The A-Team/Hillstreet Blues (The Incredibly Strange Film Band)

10. Dynasty (Lumiere Noire)

11. The Living Daylights (Carmel Morris)

12. This Is Not America (Misty Woods)

13. Alien (Pop Noir)

14. Blade Runner (Box Office Poison)

Themes From The 60's Vol 1 and Themes From The 60's Vol 2 have long since been deleted on all formats, but both are still available as download albums. Find them by clicking on their names.  


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Themes from the 60's Vol. 3

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Cult Themes from the 70's Vol 2

Cult Themes from the 80's


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Themes From The 60's

Themes From The 70's

Cult Themes From The 80's

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Cult Themes Forever

1.  Beat Girl - Instrumental (Shame about the Girl)

2.  Need Your Love from Up the Junction (Laurie Biagini)

3.  Fireball XL5 (Doll Squad)

4.  Misirlou - Pulp Fiction theme (Peter Lewington)

5.  Aqua Marina - Stingray end credit theme (Dave Mayberry)

6.  Theme from Bullitt (Terry Wicks)

7.  A View to a Kill (Psykick Holiday)

8.  Theme from Budgie (Glenda Collins)

9.  Theme from Edgar Wallace Mysteries (Peter Lewington)

10. Burning Bridges - Kelly's Heroes theme (Terry Wicks)

11. Chi Mai -Lloyd George theme (The Alien Orchestra UK)  

12. The World is Not Enough (Psykick Holiday)

13. The Likely Lads (The Snakeskin Shoe Review)

14. The X files (Ron Howe)

15. Beat Girl - Vocal (Maiko)

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Click on the cover art to find on iTunes


Click on the cover art to find on iTunes

Click on the cover art to find on iTunes

Click on the cover art to find on iTunes

Click on the cover art to find on iTunes