Carmel Morris

Apart from Box Office Poison we don’t often hear original material that sounds like cult theme stuff in its own right in both vibe and sound. So it was a pleasure to come across Carmel’s album Another Number which was inspired by that big cult series ‘The Prisoner’. So if you like cult themes music you’ll definately like this album. Carmel's interest in The Prisoner started in the '80s but really took off after having visited the famous Prisoner Village in Portmeirion in '96. She has been back to stay at the village regularly ever since. Check out the video below. The album mixes electronica, pop, rock and classical; covering the various emotive aspects of the controversial series with interpretations of the main theme and incidental music.


"Another Number is an entertaining and imaginative musical interpretation of The Prisoner using modern techniques but forsaking the usual series’ samples for a more individualistic outlook. It mixes ‘dance’ instrumentals, thought-provoking vocal performances and incidental music, ensuring that there are plenty of surprises and detail to reward repeated listening."

- Dave Healy, 'In the Village' magazine.


Now, a few more details about this Antipodean lady. Carmel Morris, born in Australia, is a multi-talented individual - computer whizz, author, singer, childrens TV presenter and graphic artist.  She sang in a heavy metal band at the age of eighteen. She worked as a graphic artist before turning computer geek and developing a patented random number generator. She not only performed music in her spare time but also took up book writing, achieving several world-wide best sellers for children, including the Advanced Paper Aircraft series, Fold Your Own Dinosaurs and the kids fiction book, Cod Almighty - the wacky tale of a giant irradiated cod swallowing submarines and Russian captains! She even had her own TV show, Paper Magic. She has over 30 published books, translated into several languages, including those 'Magic Eye' stereogram series published by Simon & Schuster and the now defunct Dragon’s World.


Her company 3D Magic sells books and posters all over the world. She  wrote music for audio visual technology promotions and composed the occasional song for local bands in Australia.


Her debut album Another Number was mainly instrumental. Certain tracks were pencilled in for the upcoming Prisoner movie remake. The album has the guest voice of David Nettheim, who played a part in one of the episodes.


Carmel does a brilliant version of the Bond theme 'Living Daylights' on FLR release Cult Themes from the 80's so if you like Another Number that should also be on your shopping list.


To get hold of the Cult Themes from the 80's album featuring Carmel's version of The Living Daylights please select The 80's CD from the drop down menu below: