The first video I Want To Sleep With You is the original Eleanor Rigby video from the 1980's  which was made at a time when technology was not as sophisticated as it is now. It is quite a naive and innocent video with a homemade charm. This is followed by the gentle part-animated You Only Live Twice (Eleanor Rigby).

The part-animated Teenage Sex (lead vocalist Mouse, video starring Misty), the X-files like Alien (Misty) and BOP's pop noir cover of the Eleanor Rigby favourite Think For Yourself (Misty) are all later line-up Box Office Poison videos starring the innovative and artistic Misty Woods. Locations include London's South Bank of the Thames, Camden Town and a UK country house and grounds.

Next is the dramatic dreamscape of Mysteries which has a much more magical esoteric vibe. These three BOP videos star the early line-up and feature the superb vocalists Debbie Detroit and Jo Sharp.

Then comes Box Office Poison's rather Gothic feel 1995 anti-nuclear video shot at night in an abandoned abbey. Next up, a Prisoner/Thomas Crowne Affair influenced video Checkmate was made at the famous Portmeirion village in Wales where cult 60's TV series The Prisoner was shot. Look out for the Penny Farthing bicycle, the giant chess board, the stone boat on the beach and the beautiful landscape of the village itself.

Box Office Poison Discography

Heavy Breathing Decade (CD album)


Beyond The Twilight Zone (CD album)


1995/Checkmate (CD EP 4 track single with remixes)


1995/Checkmate (12" vinyl single with exclusive extra dance mixes and French mix)


1995/Checkmate (7" vinyl single: Limited Edition)


Mysteries  (CD single with French, Spanish and English versions plus rare bonus track Getting Thru The Day)


Mysteries (12" vinyl single with exclusive ambient and dance remix)


Teenage Sex/Alien/16 year old/Psycho City (CD EP single)


Think For Yourself/Lady Grinning Soul/Louie Louie/Nightmare On Elm Street (CD EP Single)


Legend of Xanadu/Skag Kids (CD single)


Popcorn/Checkmate 12" (CD single)

Heavy Checkmate Beyond Mysteries Popcorn Think4Yourself Xanadu2 teensexcolour2

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1 - 3.  Mysteries (English, French & Spanish versions)

4. Gettin Thru the Day


1.  Checkmate 1

2. 1995 version 1 3. Checkmate 2

4. 1995 version 2


1. Teenage Sex

2. Alien

3. 16 year old

4. Psycho City


1.  Think For Yourself

2. Lady Grinning Soul

3. Louie Louie

4. Nightmare on Elm St


1. Popcorn

2. Checkmate 12"


1.  Legend of Xanadu

2. Skag Kids


1.   Come With Me (Part One)

2.  I Want To Sleep With You  

3.  Don't Sleep With Him

4.  Take Me To Heaven And Back

5.  Strip Show

6.  All The Young Girls Love Alice

7.  I Want You All The Time

8.  Making Love To The General Vibe

9.  Is It Sex You Seek?

10. For The Video

11.  All I Want's A Baby

12. Penicillin Passion

13. Teenage Sex

14. Sex On The Internet

15. Come With Me (Part Two)


1.   Think for Yourself

2.  Checkmate

3.  Mysteries

4.  Magic

5.  Love on the Phone

6.  Cry out the Pain

7.  Sad World

8.  Nineteen Ninety Five

9.  Backstreet Boulevard

10. 16 year old

11.  We're All Insane

12. Alien

13. We Are The Future

Box Office Poison releases.






BOP SINGLES PACK:  Debut single on rare limited edition vinyl and the other three on CD,  plus a Misty Woods photo and B.O.P. stickers all for just £6.99 incl. P&P worldwide.

1. I Want To Sleep With You: Eleanor Rigby

2. You Only Live Twice: Eleanor Rigby

3. 1995: Box Office Poison

4. Checkmate: Box Office Poison

5. Mysteries: Box Office Poison

6. Teenage Sex: Box Office Poison

7. Alien: Box Office Poison

8. Think For Yourself: Box Office Poison

Future Legend Records

Pop Video Collection


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The Future Legend Records Pop Video collection is out NOW on DVD and contains all the Box Office Poison videos plus 2 bonus Eleanor Rigby videos.

alien checkmate crystalball hydrogen_bomb_toroidal_cloud2 thinking ERFan ERBOND96 cello bridge

NB Box Office Poison also contributed MORE tracks to the FLR cult themes albums than any other act:

All Too Much (from Yellow Submarine), The Ipcress File, Department-S, For A Few Dollars More, The Persuaders, The Chase, The Deep, Maddalena (Come Maddalena), Blade Runner and Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. Check out their themes on the Cult TV and Film Theme Page

Track Listing

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