The latest pioneer of the Pop Noir genre is exciting new band Psykick Holiday who released their debut album Forever Pop Noir  For more info see the Psykick Holiday page.

FLR started the cult TV and film themes trend of the 90's by recording and releasing new versions of cult TV and film themes to help break new artists. Through this unique idea they also revived the careers of a selection of million-selling number one acts as well. (More info on our History Page)

The majority of release are download only, but we do have CDs and vinyls of some of them available. By buying through this site you cut out the middleman, making our prices simply the cheapest you can find on the web. Not only that, you are supporting this indie label, helping to keep it going and securing it's future.

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The Future Legend Records Singles Album is a superb compilation of all the singles on the FLR label since the very start of the company.  Absolutely not to be missed!

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Although number one hit acts like 60's band The Honeycombs and late 70's band The Lambrettas were championed by Future Legend Records, the label is most closely associated with best selling '60s style cult artist Eleanor Rigby  who was active in the mid to late '80s. Her limited releases were extra special. Read more about this Mod artist with the sexy voice on the Eleanor Rigby Page.

Established in 1993 Future Legend Records is one of the most exciting and interesting UK indie labels of recent years, featuring many cult artists and collectable releases. Our vinyl is very sought after and many of our releases are considered classics in their genres.

But FLR wasn't stuck in the past! This label helped new artists and new music genres get exposure. The Ska Surf genre was pioneered by Ministry of Ska and the Pop Noir genre by the label's innovative band Box Office Poison.

Welcome to FUTURE LEGEND RECORDS - the intimate indie record label for fans of alternative music. If it's innovation or intrigue you're after, look no further - this is the site for you! We are the home of cult themes, pop, mod, ska and pop noir. Come on in, browse our info pages, read about our interesting acts, listen to some amazing tracks and just make yourself at home!


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Since then FLR has released a whole raft of new albums on download! There is a tribute album to the legendery composer John Barry, a compilation of instrumental FLR tracks, a David Bowie tribute EP, a James Bond album, and albums by Misty Woods (the follow up artist to Eleanor Rigby) and Ministry of Ska. We have released an album of 20 Kick Ass Crime Fighter theme tunes and 20 Shades of Sex and Erotica. 

On this site you can watch videos, listen to music and read in depth information on all our artists. We have also provided links out to artistic, informative and  and innovative websites that you may find of interest.